Tech leaders inspire people all over the world with their imaginative products and game-changing services. But where do tech leaders learn about the needs of the world and get wind of other current trends?

Inspiration and resources can come from a number of different sources. We asked members of the Forbes Technology Council about the places they look for information and what they would recommend to others. Their answers came from both inside and outside of the tech world.

1. Professional Networking Tools

In the technology industry, almost every contact is on some professional networking website or tool. This means that tools like LinkedIn are extremely useful in connecting with potential partners and customers. Similarly, before meeting colleagues, you can leverage tools like Accompany to establish a connection by identifying what you and your colleague may have in common. – Anand SampatDatmo

2. MIT Technology Review 

I think MIT Technology Review is a great source of unbiased online content to understand how technology is shaping the world we live in. It covers topics anywhere from artificial intelligence to how mobile apps are driving new user experience standards to advancements in driverless cars. What I like about this resource is that the publication is committed to putting out everything from light updates and buzzworthy topics to in-depth case studies and analyses. It also has a video section so you can watch your news on the go, which is ideal for any tech leader. – Sanjay MalhotraClearbridge Mobile

3. TechCrunch

I love TechCrunch because it centers on entrepreneurs. It helps entrepreneurs get a spotlight for their businesses and really shows what makes them tick. Many other blog sites follow on later to break the news with rather little analysis. TechCrunch provides me with analysis and the news that I care about. – Jeremy WilliamsVyudu

4. SaaStr

What makes SaaStr so great is that Jason Lemkin has been through the entrepreneurial experience. It’s not easy. It’s full of ups and down, it’s exhilarating, and starting a company is probably the most rewarding experience you’ll ever go through (personally and professionally). The advice from this blog comes from the trenches, which is what makes it so powerful. I can’t list how many times I’ve read articles on Jason’s blog and said, “Wow! That’s literally exactly what I’m going through!” Long story short, if you’re running a SaaS company, this should be your go-to resource. – Andrew GazdeckiBizness Apps

5. Mashable

I love reading Mashable because of the enormous diversity of content and perspectives. I like reading about trends and technologies I may not be involved in just so I can keep up with what’s going on in the world. – Muhammed OthmanCalendar

6. Resources Outside The Industry

While it may seem counterintuitive, the best resource for tech leaders is talking to people outside the tech industry. It’s easy to get swept up with new trends and ideas. Instead, talking to the finance department or meeting with the customer service team can help a tech leader refocus on what really matters. Non-technical people can bring unique insight to business processes that tech people overlook. – Jason GillAttracta

7. Relationships
Plain old networking. You can watch or read as many YouTube videos and magazine articles as you like, but networking with your peers is invaluable. Don’t get me wrong; I write a lot of content, but it is important to get a real-world view — both the pros and cons — from others in your community. And don’t just keep it in your field. Talk to others who will ask you the tough questions. –   Raymond Nelson,   Intelisys
8. TechBeacon

If you want slightly more technical advice, rather than the higher-level CIO type of leadership articles, I’d recommend TechBeacon. It covers the major themes in IT management today like DevOps and agile development, cloud and hybrid IT, and security. It focuses on practical advice rather than theory and has a huge list of contributors from a wide range of perspectives. – Travis GreeneMicro Focus

9. Reddit

Nothing beats Reddit for experience, diverse community and creative opinions. While not dedicated to tech leaders, it’s impressive how many professionals, leaders and experienced users belong to Reddit’s service. I’ve found that the information, recommendations, and solutions I’ve come across on Reddit are impressive and shockingly accurate. Reddit also allows the general populace to filter and rate themselves. – Tom Roberto, Core Technology Solutions


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