SAFETRIP’S co-founder Langston Whitlock (16) dominates Atlanta-based startups by being featured in Forbes prestigious 30 Under 30 Class of 2019. An accomplishment that’s not easy to achieve. In fact, according to Forbes Chief Sales Officer Jessica Sibley, it’s easier to get accepted into Harvard University as companies are thoroughly vetted for the elite list.

SAFETRIP is a healthcare rideshare app operating throughout Georgia. Offering unconventional travel options such as wheelchair accessible vehicles and EMS, the company is in high demand. Forbes inductee Langston Whitlock works the nightshift at SAFETRIP during the weekdays. The 16 year old Chief Information Officer responsibilities include, but are not limited to, implementing technologies and sourcing data for SAFETRIP’S growing staff of developers. Langston learned how to code at age 12 while creating an anonymous messaging app to contact his absent father. 4 years later, he’s now the youngest person selected by Forbes Enterprise Technology judges.

As one of the only Atlanta based tech companies inducted into Forbes 2019 class, SAFETRIP plans to prove that Georgia’s tech scene is just as talented as Silicon Valley’s. “Atlanta will eventually become a hybrid city known for both tech innovation and entertainment,”says CEO Ja’Nese Jean. SAFETRIP now represents the 1% of Black Female Owned Corporations to secured Venture Capital funding.

Currently in the middle of a Series C $50M grassroots funding initiative, SAFETRIP is raising capital to implement its Artificial Intelligence (AI) System. Both accredited and non-accredited investors are allowed to invest. The AI update will work in conjunction with the EMS travel option. A move spearheaded by Mr. Whitlock. The company’s employment strategy is anchored with a community-sourced operation from the C-suite to the driver partners. Including an open door policy for students interested in technology.


SAFETRIP is the world’s first healthcare rideshare app whose mission emphasizes making transportation affordable and accessible. SAFETRIP, which launched operations in January 2018, is a privately held corporation. The SAFETRIP User and Driver applications are available on Google Play and Apple App Store. Follow SAFETRIP via social media platforms including Facebook (@SAFETRIP.CO) and Instagram (@SAFETRIP.CO).

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