Timothy Harthrow, editor in chief

Atlanta’s ridershare scene is being upgraded with a $50 million dollar community boost. SAFETRIP is set to launch another round of funding continuing its’ fast paced momentum. Ja’Nese Jean, CEO, summarized her strategic vision, stating “Our goal is to create a bridge between an underserved demographic as it relates to ownership and influence in a mainstream thriving industry”. 

The 500,000 shares are up for grabs starting September 25 with a minimum contribution of $5 (per fractional share). The capital raised will fund SAFETRIP’s technology expansion to include general ridesharing and an aviation component. The patented healthcare on-demand transportation system will be the flagship division of the organization. By creating joint ventures with other rideshare and logistic start-ups, other divisions will feature student-focused rideshare and bike share services.  

The company’s employment strategy is anchored with a community-sourced operation from the C-suite to the driver partners. The corporate structure will include a 100-member Board of Directors and executive level positions. For an opportunity to invest, email investments@SAFETRIP.co or visit www.SAFETRIP.co/investments





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